Since the early 2000’s, social media has transformed the way we live. The world is more connected through it because ideas can be easily shared, communication across borders has taken off and of course business has boomed with its advent. Social Media is a great medium that entrepreneurs can utilise to market their businesses. The following are my golden rules for its effective use.


Content is king! Create content that your target market wants to consume. Think of your business as a restaurant and the content you create like the menu items. Make updates, photos and videos delicious! After all, Facebook has noted that users consume 8 billion video views per day! Furthermore, avoid constant direct selling eg “Here’s my watch, buy it now for $10!” but instead aim to add value to your subscribers by giving valuable tips, advice or reviews.


This is key! Develop a strategy to post 3-4 times a week depending on the nature of the business. On Facebook for instance when I do an audit of a business page, the first thing I look for is the time at which the last update was posted and if there are any significant gaps in posting. Consistently posting conveys professionalism and that you are serious about keeping your clients in the loop. Of course the flip side of this is over posting! Let’s be real though, are you a fan of contributors who flood your newsfeed?


Social media is just that: social! That means that as the administrator of a social profile, it’s your duty to effectively engage your audience. Drop comments here and there appreciating others for their posts. Most times, when you do, people return the favour and add you to their following. Connect with persons who have similar passions, share ideas, pose questions, receive advice. You must view your followers as business partners. They have the potential to be loyally supportive of your brand. Reminder: be intentional!