You’re beat down, broken, consumed, exhausted…

There are challenges at the moment that seem insurmountable.

Your hard work is not yielding any visible results.

The doubts that are being hurled at you are doing nothing to silence your own inner critic.

You’re fearful of discovering that after all, you’re inadequate.

And most of all, you lack the willfulness to keep tilling the same fruitless soil.

I can relate. I get the urge to quit at least once a week.

So allow me to relay your fears with some perspective …


As Long As You’re Still Moving Forward, You Are Automatically A Success.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the enormous pressures of life.

It is normal to feel that the goals that you have set your sights on are out of your reach.

The ordinary response to these very normal pressures is to get out of the game and walk off the field. Success is more about endurance, resilience, and persistence than it is about reaching a particular point.

By virtue of you hanging in there, you automatically catapult yourself into the realm of the extraordinary, because you have chosen to respond outside of the norm.Just hang in there, see the vision through, keep engaging your goal and you will have a breakthrough.


You Are In Control

A big part of deciding to quit lies in our inability to realize that we are holding the steering wheel.  The danger in relinquishing your control particularly in a stressful situation is that you immediately go into victim mode. This is when you become quick to react to everything that is happening rather than you affecting the state of things. When you decide to surrender possession of your life, you become dispossessed of the willfulness to go on.

But there’s a way to beat this.

Eliminate all the external pressures and keep riding it out. Getting rid of the external pressure lies in ordering your own steps, on your own turf. Don’t set expectations based on an unrealistic view of what everybody else is doing.

Reconstruct the goal to fit your capacity and narrow your focus. This positions you in a place of power and possibility so that you do not feel this overwhelming necessity to give up.


You Can Always Take A Hiatus And Start Anew.

We tend to lose perspective in hardship.  When you’re so caught up in a situation where you’re investing all your time, energy and resources just to survive, your scope of vision becomes limited.

When all the walls that you encounter begin to obstruct your vision, you need to stop, assess the situation, gather some perspective and start anew from a better, stronger place.

There is so much power and prospect that comes with just starting fresh. Your spirit regenerates, you’re more energized and suddenly, everything is a possibility.


If You Don’t Quit now, It’s Going To Take A Heck Of A Lot More To Knock You Down The Next Time Around.

It’s simple. If you drop out of the race every time you falter or someone passes you by, you will cultivate a quitter’s mentality and you will face the same challenge day after day.

Staying in the race gives you the capacity to build character and to unearth strengths in yourself that you may have never discovered.

Milton Hershey went through three unsuccessful candy ventures before he struck gold with the Hershey Company. Steve Jobs was kicked out of the company that he worked tirelessly to build. I can provide a million examples of people who discovered their true capacity when placed in dire straits.

The truth is …

Hardship touches the parts of a person that are untouched by life’s smooth-sailing moments.


You Have The Ability To Change Minds And Influence People.

It doesn’t matter how big of a platform you have, as long as you’re human, you have the capacity to influence somebody else.

They’re on the sidelines observing what you’re doing and whether they realize it or not, it impacts them.

There’s a world of good that can come from simply deciding to see your goals through, to keep working on that business, to keep living that life that sometimes requires more of an effort than you think you can make.

You CAN make the effort and in the process motivate people within your sphere of influence.

Hang in there!

This post was first published on Conscious Livity.