In the month of April, I attended a wonderful and informative event: Office Protocol Seminar, hosted by the team at Info Pursuit IT Solutions & Education.

After observing the attendance and interaction among the attendees, I started thinking about the number of opportunities entrepreneurs can create for themselves simply by investing in and attending sessions such as these. Over 100 persons were in attendance, and I thought to myself, if I had only had my new business cards with me, then at least 20 persons would have learnt about my blog for the first time. Just maybe. 🙂

After pondering on what I saw and taking into account my past experiences, I came up with five reasons why entrepreneurs should be ready to invest in and attend business workshops and meetups:

New Relationships

Attending events creates opportunities to form new relationships with people you don’t come across on a daily basis. I have attended a few workshops since I started blogging and I can say that through these events, I was able to establish new connections and strengthen relations that were already formed. I was also able to meet up with an entrepreneur in person for the first time since our first online meeting a few months before.

Find Entrepreneurs In Your Niche

Workshops are a great place to find and learn from entrepreneurs who have already walked the path you’re walking. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, interact and ask questions. Sometimes, as an entrepreneur, when we experience a setbacks, it feels like we’re in it alone. I guarantee you, that’s not the case. Interact with people in business, share your experience and listen their experiences. You’ll find that your setbacks are nothing new and just like they did, you can also overcome.

Scope Out Talent & Skills

Attending workshops not only help you find other entrepreneurs in your niche. It is also the place to scope out talent and skills that you do not possess. For example, you launched an apparel line which has been doing well and is in high demand in Grenada and Trinidad. You are now realizing that with the use of social media, you can expand your reach and possibly sell to a few more Caribbean islands. Only thing is that you are not social media savvy. Still, you are interested in reaching your desired audience. From attending the last Entrepreneurship workshop, you realized that ‘John’ is into social media and has been doing great at it and getting good feedback. So, you contact and hire John and off course, he gets paid for his services.

Relevant Information

This is self-explanatory, right? There are some things you may hear at a business seminar that you just won’t hear anywhere else. Seminars are a great place to get current information which you most likely can apply right away. I always advise to keep learning. You can never know enough and the way the world is evolving, the best thing you can do for yourself is stay current with the right information.

New Ideas

Attending seminars can stimulate your thinking and help you develop new ideas for your business. This may be what you need to start soaring and to step out with that idea of yours that you’ve been putting on the back burner. Learn new ways of doing what you do, get new strategies and learn from the experience of other persons in your field.

Never underestimate the power of a business seminar and meetup. You just never know who or what you will discover there.

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