Let me be blunt. We will fail to maximize our God given gifts and talents if we do not change the way that we approach the work that we do.  We have a responsibility to serve our God, ourselves, our family, and our fellow man to the best of our ability. However, over the years, society has conditioned us to settle for mediocrity and acquiescence.

If you remember nothing else, remember that if you are ordinary, you are nothing… Each of us has greatness pent up inside of us, anxiously waiting to be released, but many of us fail to ever realize this fact and unleash it into the world so that it could affect real change in our lives and in the lives of others. Though we are all very different and unique people, we all have the built-in capacity to be extraordinary, and that’s a fact.

Here are some tips on innovating and elevating the way that we think and work.

1:Be Proactive

Prepare yourself now for opportunities and problems in the future. Predicting and preparing yourself for these events will make them easier to control if they do happen so that you could maximize the benefits and minimize the risk.

2:Attack The Heart

Address issues and problems at their source, rather than wasting your energy and resources on managing the side effects. It is better to brush your teeth, than to maintain cavities.

3:Be A Visionary

Use your imagination and see how far your ideas could go in your head. This will help you to figure out who you are and it will help you to find where your passion lies.

4:Link Up

Connect with people that you trust and respect so that you could have a support network that will be able to both back you and guide you when it matters most.


5:Stay Thirsty

Always be open to new information. If you honestly believe that you know everything, you are setting yourself up for a big fall.


6:Praise Your Team

Give honour and respect to the people that you work with and depend on. By giving them this credit, you will inspire them to be loyal to you, while encouraging them to further refine their gifts and talents so that their productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency could increase.


Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters – Colossians 3:23(NIV)