These days entrepreneurs lament about being too busy but oftentimes, they’re not really being productive. What separates the two of course, is the efficiency that produces lasting results. The following are a few keys ways to increase productivity:


Schedule Everything

Master your minutes; that’s to say ensure that important happenings for your business get exclusive right to placement in your smart phone’s calendar. By doing so, you set intentions and a daily guide to how your day will go. Trust me, I’ve been doing this for the last 8 months and looking back at all the tasks I accomplished, really made me feel accomplished.


Avoid distractions.

You know all the things that draw you away from getting things done. Start by adding these on an avoiding list when you are penning your daily goals. When this is done, it makes you aware to nip them in the bud so you can concentrate better.


Selective Setting

Get a room or anywhere that is conducive to harnessing your full focus. Good lighting is important for me and zero interference in that space is a must. In my space, a comfy chair with a well lit desk is my work nirvana.


Take Breaks

Furthermore divvy up your hours into 15, 20 minute intervals and when you’ve accomplished something substantial during that time, reward your efforts with quick timeline scroll on FB or half an orange or whatever treat you see fitting. Remember though to ensure these pauses are timed.


Collaborate With Others

You are not an island. Some projects could be done more efficiently if you build a high capacity team to work together. Assess each other’s unique strengths and let each one smash what may come easily or naturally for them to do. Be warned though that more hands make work light but too many cooks can spoil the broth.


Drop That Beat

This may not be the case for everyone but music adds that ‘je ne sais quoi’ element in being more productive. Depending on the task, melodic instrumentals or upbeat rhythms help me to concentrate or churn out work respectively. Or simply having the radio on can act as the invisible company you need to spur you on to work harder.

All in all, implementing these 7 principles should be a daily fixture to aid in transforming your business to be a high yielding one.