If you mention the Caribbean most people will probably mention it’s beautiful beaches and temperate weather. The region is no doubt known for it’s sea, sand and sun. Yet many would be surprised to know that the region is also home to some of the highest energy costs in the world. Denell Florius and his team at EcoCarib are determined to help the Caribbean region recognize its inherent potential to employ and profit from green technology.

Tell us about your company: Name, Location, Structure, its products/services.


EcoCarib Inc. is a Virtual Energy Service Company which specializes in solar photovoltaic technology system design, Procurement, Financing, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of green building technologies.

We are creating a decentralized renewable energy network called Enernet. Currently utility companies use centralized energy generation systems to supply power. With our system they will be able to access and use power where they need it. The system will be controlled over the internet and will enable our clients to have the option to not only save money on electricity but to sell their power to the utility company when they really need it.

Ultimately, our goal is to make the Caribbean a more eco-friendly place to live, work and invest whilst saving our clients money.



Gros Islet, St. Lucia.


Please name any co-founders/team members.


CoFounder – Zaina Pamphile

Team Members:

Denell Florius – Founder and CEO
Zaina Pamphile-Director
Tganni Lousiy – Director
Nickus Smith-Director


What inspired EcoCarib’s birth?

EcoCarib actually started off as a magazine called EcoCaribbean Magazine to promote green technologies throughout the Caribbean. It was started when I noticed that there was a global trend towards Renewable Energy and other Green Tech in the world to fight Climate Change. Whilst working on this project my co founder Zaina and I realised that we should take a more active role in this fight by actually offering persons the services and green technologies they need to save money and the environment. EcoCarib was born in 2014 and we kept the concept of green tech promotion in our new business model.


What would you say has been your greatest challenge thus far?

Our greatest Challenge has been getting access to the various support personnel necessary to grow a Billion Dollar Company in the 21st Century. We have had to travel out of St. Lucia on numerous occasions just to meet the right people who will help set the company on the right path.


What would you say has been your greatest triumph so far?

Our Greatest triumph thus far has been regional recognition as one of the fast growing promising startups in the Caribbean Region.

We have been recognized by Regional and International StartUp Competitions such as 1776, Google StartUp Weekend and the Caribbean Climate Innovation Centre Start Up Competition. We have been approved by Caribbean Export as one of the businesses to help the region export its products and services internationally.  Most recently, I was nominated for Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Green Business of the year at the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Business Awards and I was chosen by OECS 30 under 30 as one of the Top Young entrepreneurs in the field of Public Utilities and the Environment.


How would you say your company answers any one of the Caribbean’s problems?

We are solving one of the biggest problems in the Caribbean which is: Gaining access to affordable Green Technologies. This will help to counteract high energy costs. Our overall goal at EcoCarib is to help transition the Caribbean to a more sustainable future by using green technology to improve the lives of every single Caribbean Islander along the way.


Can you share company valuation?


Do you have any notable clients?

One of the projects that we’ve worked on that I’m very proud of was for LeSport Body Holiday Resort. We Designed and Installed a 25 kW Solar Photovoltaic Technology System which makes the Resort even more Eco-Friendly and saves them money on energy bills.

What would you say has been your most valued entrepreneurial lesson during the journey so far?

My most valued entrepreneurial lesson has been that with Faith, Passion and Integrity you can achieve anything.

What would be your advice to other Caribbean creative entrepreneurs?

What ever your mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you have failed in the past.” – Napoleon Hill

How would you like to see creative entrepreneurship in the Caribbean develop?

I would like to see the Caribbean become a place where creative innovation thrives and the world looks to us for whats next in cultural and social technology.

The Man Behind The Company


Denell Florius




St. Lucia

Favorite Book and Why?

The Secret by Rhonda Bryne because it reveals many of the secrets to success.

Favorite Song and Why?

Strongest Soldier by Jahmiel.  It motivates me to persist past the hard times.

Favorite Quote and Why?

Sa Feb. It means “that’s weak”. I have realized that any obstacle I face is weak compared to the massive impact God destined for me.

Most Inspirational Figure and Why?

Elon Musk because he is one of the most innovative entrepreneurs of our time. He has overcome countless failures and trials to become the real life “Iron Man”.

Are you reading anything right now?

The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill