Gordon Swaby: Turning a Curious Mind into a Successful Business
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About Gordon Swaby

Gordon Swaby  is the founder and CEO of a multi-award-winning ed-tech startup called EduFocal. EduFocal is an online, gamified, social learning platform that he founded in 2012 and has grown to tens of thousands of exam takers and 5 employees.

He was selected as one of the top 50 business leaders under 50 in Jamaica, and in 2016, the BBC named him a “Digital Disruptor” and featured him in a documentary aired around the world.

Gordon’s Blueprint

  • How a quest for free video games led Gordon to launch the largest gaming website in the Caribbean, Advance Gamers at age 15
  • How growing up with entrepreneurial parents impacted his thoughts about his own future
  • Entrepreneur by nature and by nurture
  • How growing up in the country gave Gordon a different perspective on business and the wider world
  • The transition from country to city life
  • How Gordon’s hobby-turned-business led to a long-term international partnership and valuable lessons on entrepreneurship
  • Why moving from the country to the city made a stay in China a smooth experience
  • Gordon’s thoughts on success and clichés
  • Gordon’s recommendations to anyone trying to start something of their own
  • What failure really means and how to handle it
  • How your experiences and level of introspection play a key role in your receptiveness to feedback and advice
  • Lessons on introspection from Leonardo daVinci
  • Why it’s important to understand the specific business and cultural environment that your venture is operating in
  • The importance of being in the know to secure your future positioning
  • The power in being curious
  • The EduFocal origin story (an online social learning platform for students preparing for their examinations)
  • What’s on the horizon for EduFocal
  • The cross-continental wins from being featured on BBC’s Digital Disruptors series
  • How Gordon overcame the local stigma associated with web businesses through market positioning
  • Mistakes and struggles from the first 5 years of running EduFocal
  • How to distinguish between good and bad advice
  • Starting-up in Jamaica vs. Silicon Valley
  • The importance of mentorship along the journey
  • Gordon’s definition of success
  • Gordon’s book recommendations each and every time
  • Gordon’s motivation
  • Where to find out more about Gordon and EduFocal
  • The types of people that make up Gordon’s inner circle


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