Jeffrey Azan: How to Find and Maximize On Your Calling
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Jeffrey Azan (@jj.azan) is an award-winning public speaker, as a matter of fact, he will be competing on the world stage for Toastmasters champion for impromptu speaking. He has a business called Select’N’Start where he uses his experiences and expertise to motivate and develop everyone from teenagers to business leaders to “change their game, to change their lives”. For the entire time I have known him, he has been a student of martial arts, leveling up to compete at the highest levels.

Here are a few of the topics we dive into this episode:

  • How to tap into confidence when you feel most insecure;
  • Why mediocrity doesn’t surrender and is a challenger we have to fight every day;
  • His father walking out on his family 12 years ago and the impact it had on him;
  • The 3 resources we are all born with that can make us immensely successful IF we use them wisely and many, many more.


Jeffrey’s Blue Print

  • Jeffrey’s current endeavors and a background on his brand, Select ‘n’ Start
  • How a winding path through searching for passion and a series of failed ventures landed Jeffrey right back where he was at age 7, but with a whole new, empowered and motivated perspective on the importance of recognizing your calling
  • Why being committed to your calling is the key to achieving success in any area
  • How to handle imposter syndrome and insecurities
  • How your priorities and responsibilities can conflict with each other and prevent you from fulfilling your potential
  • The 4-question model Jeffrey teaches to help persons to figure out their own priorities
  • Jeffrey’s experience in winning the Toastmasters District 81 Speech Contest 2017 in the category of Table Topics (impromptu speeches)
  • The importance of putting in the hours into working towards your goals
  • Why we are constantly fighting on a downward slope to mediocrity each day and how to win
  • The traffic light experience that brought Jeffrey to tears
  • What Jeffrey has learned about mentorship
  • What success means to Jeffrey
  • The spark of goodness that was lit by an extremely tumultuous time in Jeffrey’s youth
  • The hidden value of secrets
  • The impact of vulnerability
  • The habits that help Jeffrey perform at a high level
  • Moving past luck
  • How to read minds and supercharge your own mind
  • How Jeffrey starts his day
  • The books Jeffrey would recommend each and every time
  • How Jeffrey stays motivated and accountable to his goals
  • What work/life balance means to Jeffrey
  • How Jeffrey deals with overwhelm
  • Where to find out more about Jeffrey and Select ‘n’ Start
  • The important qualities for people that make up Jeffrey’s inner circle
  • The 4 resources that can bring us success and how to use them


Mentioned In This Episode

  • Select ‘n’ Start helps people to maximise their untapped potential through personal development coaching, leadership coaching and executive training.
  • Jeffrey’s Mentors:
    • Toastmasters
      • Essie Gardner
      • Shirley Daley
      • Bridgette Levy
      • Carol Lawrence
      • Annette Robotham
      • Viris Clarke-Ellis
      • Godfrey McAllister
      • Laura D. Richards
    • Business/Entrepreneurship


Connect With Jeffrey!

Jeffrey’s Instagram: @jj.azan
Select ‘n’ Start:
Facebook: @SelectnStart
Instagram: @SelectnStart
Twitter: @SelectnStart