For new entrepreneurs, landing a client meeting can be challenging. It’s all well and good when you can get business from family members and friends or family friends etc. But there are only so many people you know, and you get to a point where you need new clients. Or perhaps, none of your friends or family members fall into your niche market, so you are left with no choice but to go out and hunt for clients. Over the years, (very little, I might add) I’ve curated some techniques stolen in parts from other entrepreneurs and sales executives.

I’m pretty sure these techniques will change as the market changes because of social media etc. But the onus is on you, my friend to keep updating your techniques, and stay ahead of the game.

But here’s a start to landing your first client meeting:

1. Study your potential or desired clients.

Know who your client is. Learn about the business, the direction they are heading, their main vision. Look for a clear problem that you can solve. Don’t go creating problems that don’t exist, and telling them they need you to solve it.  Clients want you to fix their current problems, not imaginary ones. Trust me, this is the key to any successful client meeting.

Don’t go creating problems that don’t exist

  • If you’re a web developer: Do they have a website currently? If not, how can this website enhance the business? If yes, what are the issues with the current site, how can you improve their sales or brand with a new website?
  • If you sell a product:  What is the current user response to your product? What are the sales like? What is the resale value? How can your product increase their profit? Who is the product targeted for and how does it match their niche? Does it complement other products they offer?
  • If you’re a marketing adviser: What is the current brand image? How will you improve their image? Do you have charts or statistics to it up? How will the image engage their niche market? How will you target their audience?


2. Contact, Contact, Contact

Once you know all about your clients, gathering an email list should be strategic. Your next mission should be to get contact information for the decision makers within the company. If you’re targeting an individual, then this should be more straightforward. Build a list of potential clients, send out planned emails to your clients with your products or services.

3. Make that Call!

After sending your email, call your potentials, and discuss how you can enhance their business(15-20 seconds max). Schedule a meeting on a day they are available. And there you have it, your first client meeting.

Since we are in 2018 however, Social Media has made everyone more visible and easily accessible. You can almost bet that your client will find someone who does it “cheaper” or is more “known” than you are. But you can still land that client meeting, you can beat the big guy, I promise, just slide in those DM’s with your work and your charm at hand.