Melarka Williams: Leveraging Ingenuity to Create an Impact
Transformation Blueprint Podcast

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Melarka Williams is an electrical engineer turned tech founder and CEO of Ingenuity Technologies, a bespoke software engineering and quality assurance firm in Kingston, Jamaica. He left the corporate world 5 years ago after working with top international brands like Ericsson, to focus on helping the Jamaican tech ecosystem.

He was awarded by Development Bank of Jamaica for his innovation in the creation a mobile survey and business analytics tool.

In this episode we’ll be diving into these world-changing topics:

  • How to go about building a profitable business without a portfolio;
  • How to transition from being highly technical to a strategic business leader;
  • Why it’s important to achieve stability in your life to be ready to pursue your biggest goals;
  • How to train your mind to automatically seek out good opportunities and success and much more.


Merlaka’s Blueprint

  • Melarka’s company, Ingenuity Technologies
  • The “build it and they will come” origins of Ingenuity Technologies
  • Build it and they will come… eventually
  • How Melarka prepared himself for the transition first from electrical engineering to software, then to business owner
  • How a late-night newspaper reading led Melarka to learn about the foundational principles for running a business
  • Why Melarka chose to bootstrap when he started out after leaving the corporate world
  • Why you should set a goal and then forget about it
  • What the RAS principle is and how you can use it to support your success
  • The importance of excelling at the small things
  • Melarka’s eureka moment meeting Richard Branson
  • Melarka’s 3 key takeaways from training as a Branson Entrepreneur
  • The importance of stability in all areas of your life if you want to accomplish something meaningful
  • How personal development and health play key roles in Melarka’s journey
  • What success means for Melarka
  • Melarka’s book recommendations
  • How a summer job lit a spark within Melarka and inspired him at a young age
  • How thinking about the big picture helps to propel you forward in your business or career
  • Melarka’s vision for transforming Jamaica from a consumer of technology to a creator of technology
  • The activity that keeps Melarka motivated
  • How Melarka gets his day started
  • The role of vision and the hiring process in having a strong company culture
  • The many different paths to success
  • Why having a broad range of services left Ingenuity running on E and how Melarka turned it around
  • Why you should fail fast
  • The most important aspects of mentorship
  • Melarka’s end of day routine
  • Ingenuity’s latest solution – iSurvey
  • Where to find out more about Melarka and Ingenuity
  • The types of people that make up Melarka’s inner circle


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