Some time ago I heard Dr. Eric Thomas say something profound. He said that the 2018 car models are rolled out before the next year even starts. As you read this,  Apple, Samsung and other major brands are probably rolling out items they want consumers to be purchasing in 2019.

So why then should we as entrepreneurs and creatives wait until the new year to start planning for the new year. My take is, let’s do it Now.

Reason #1 Head Start

If you start you diet plan/meal prep/gym routine in November, you’ll have a leg up on figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

Reason #2: Early Wins

Let’s be honest, nobody likes to lose. Starting your campaign for change early could give you some early wins. Whether your focus is diet and exercise, personal development or business growth, you might score a few wins early out the gate. This will definitely give you the boost you need to power through into the new year.

Reason #3: Early Losses

Winning is good but so is losing. If you’ve never lost at anything you my friend might be an anomaly of epic proportions. For the rest of us, losing comes and goes. An early loss will help you pivot your perspective and vantage point for future planning. If you take an early hit before the year even starts you have an opportunity to get back in the game with lessons learnt.

Reason #4: Traction

If you’re launching a new product/service in the new year what better time to start than now. This gives consumers the chance to become familiar with your new or improved idea. This may actually save you money if there is no visible uptake to your new venture. This added insight might give you an opportunity to engage with customers to understand just what their needs are and how you can meet them.

Reason #5: Equity

If you start next years new trend this year, then you my friend are ahead of the game. This kind of equity will come in handy when others start catching on. You’ll be able to say, “We’ve been doing this for months now” or “we started this trend before it was a trend”. The next big thing is always around the corner but someone has to be brave enough to see what lies ahead”.

We could probably think of a few more but we’ll call it at 5; after all, you’ve got work to do.

In the meantime, here’s to making 2019 THE BEST YEAR EVER!!!!!

Written somewhere over the Atlantic on Jet Blue Flight 743 from JFK to Antigua and Barbuda